What to see in central Malta?

ST Paul’s Cathedral

The cathedral is said to be built on the sire of the villa belonging to Publius, the Roma governor of Malta who welcomed ST Paul in AD 60. The original Norman church was destroyed by an earthquake and the restrained baroque edifice you see today was build between 1597 and 1702 by Lorenzo Gafa.

Cathedral Museum

The Cathedral Museum contains important collection of coins, plates, vestment and religious paintings. There is also an interesting collection of weird and wonderful olive-wood carvings by Anton Agius.

National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum offers a fascinating geology exhibit, which explains the origins of Malta’s landscape and displays the wide rage of fossils that can be found in its rocks. Among the highlights, a tooth misusing 18 cm belonging to an ancient shark 25 meters long, that prowled the Miocene seas 30 millions years ago.