What to do in Sedona?

Sedona is a desert town in Arizona known for its spectacular red rocks and its magnificent panoramas. There is a variety of things to do in Sedona, such as hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, shopping in the town and visiting ancient native ruins.

Hot Air Baloon

Hot Air Balloon Rides: Experience Sedona with utmost peace on a hot balloon ride. This unique take on air travel promises to take you hundreds OF Feet over the rocks and the desert during the early morning air. This is the most relaxing thing to do in Sedona.


For a small-town charm just a stone’s throw away from your Uptown Sedona hotel, take a walk to the arts and crafts village knows as Tlaquepaque. This distinctive town has a number of speciality shops and boutiques, delicious restaurants that feature cuisines from all over the world.

Whitewater rafting

For the most wet and wild thing to do in Sedona, we recommend to you a Whitewater rafting adventure. Though these tours don’t technically take place in Sedona, but rather on the Colorado River to the north.

Riding on the Grand Canyon Railroad

For a unique take on sightseeing, try riding on the Grand Canyon Railroad. This is a 65-mile full day trek family-friendly adventure. The main highlight comes when you reach your destination: the magnificent Grand Canyon.

Side Rock State Park

One final activity that we’d remiss to exclude from our list of things to do in Sedona is a trip to Slide Rock State Park. This magnificent site is best known for its natural sandstone slides, formed by thousands of years of erosion.

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