Best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Havana

If you have been in Havana as vegetarian you probably know better than us how complicated is to find a good vegetarian or vegan restaurant. And this is quite frustrating given the huge variety of sweet delicious fruits and fresh vegetables that the Country. produces.

Thank to the growing tourism now Havana offers a tiny bit more choices for vegetarian. Below our favorite restaurants so far, highly recommended for an authentic dining experience full of taste.

Somos Cuba

At Somos Cuba you will get an authentic Cuban eating experience in a historic Havana Old Tow residence. The atmosphere is cozy and the staff nice and friendly. You will have the impression to be somewhere special, maybe for the artistic vibes or maybe because everyone in this restaurant look happy and relaxed.

There is no set menu and you can choose the vegan option or the fish/meat one. The food is cooked in front of you and the courses are served with delicious salad with fresh vegetables, rice and the sweetest fruits.

The price is about CUC10 for the vegan plate.

Location:  San Ignacio, La Habana, Cuba

Camino del Sol

Camino del Sol is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant and deli that serves homemade pasta, fresh juices and a vast variety of only-vegetables dishes.

This is not a typical Havana restaurant, so don’t expect anything local, but instead a revised version of European food with fresh local ingredients. The results it’s honestly amazing, so if you need a break from the local food and feel like home for a day, this is the perfect place for you.

You can try the plant based burgers, the vegetable soups and the rice salads. There is the possibility to either eat in the restaurant or order take away.

Location: Calle 3, La Habana, Cuba

El Shamuskiao

El Shamuskiao is a small but cozy restaurant with a Caribbean and European vegan menu.

As Camino del Sol, El Shamuskiao restaurant offer a mix of local and eastern menu. Do expect a variety of Spanish offering made with special Cuban ingredients.

The food offering can be from the vegetarian paella and the croquetas to the Malaga fritters, the burgers, the fresh sandwich and the quesadilla. Al served with amazing fruit smoothies.

The happy hour at El Shamuskiao is also a must, as the cocktails are only 1 CUC, so it’s really easy to indulge in 1 or more Mojito!

Location: Calle Consulado, La Habana, Cuba