Vegan food shopping in Italy

Italy is a quite challenging travel destination for a vegan eater. If your journey bring you outside the main Italian cities – like Rome and Milan – you will be challenged in finding a vegan or vegetarian restaurant. Some restaurants in Italy do offer vegan and vegetarian options, but don’t expect anything more than a simple pasta with tomato sauce (boring!).

If you are planning your holiday in a remote Italy village close to the beach in the southern or to the lakes in the northern regions, the best thing you can do is renting an apartment instead of an hotel, so some food shopping and prepare your own food.

Indeed, despite the vegan restaurant offering is really poor, the groceries and the food markets are rich of tasty vegan ingredients. You will be amazed by the variety of fresh and testy vegetables you can find in Italy!

There is a good variety of vegan burger, tofu and seitan dishes in most of the supermarket chains. For the best offering you can look for In’s, Coop, Lidl, Cadoro, Interspar, Eurospin and Conad grociery stores.

Instead of looking for the brand Quorn, look for Valsoia. Valsoia offers a variety of vegan ready meals, soy milk, hamburgers, yogurt and even delicious ice-creams! Few products may contain eggs, so read carefully the ingredients. AlproMuscolo di Grano e Provamel are other brands available in Italy that exclusively sell vegan products.

Muscolo di Grano produces sausages, pork and even turkey based on flower, olive oil, spaces and beans.

Alpro and Provamel are brands famous all over the world for its dairy free milks and yogurts (soya, oat, almond and much more).

If you rather shop online, you can have a look at the site below: