Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant in Cusco, Peru

Vida Vegan Bistro

The Vegan Temple by Prasada is a colorful and cozy restaurant in San Blas neighborhood in Cuzoco, open since 2009.

The Vegan Temple was born as a project to create a social space in Cuzco for vegans and vegetarians where to taste fresh, healthy and budget-friendly food.

The menu offers a combination of Peruvian and international dishes all made with high quality fresh ingredients directly from Cuzco local farmers.

Here you can taste tofu and vegetable curries, toasted bread, rich salads, tacos, burritos, fresh smoothies and vegetarian burgers with chips.

Chia Vegan Kitchen

At Chia Vegan Kitchen you need to be ready for a multi-sensory food experience, where the first taste is with the eye.

Not just vegan but also gluten free, Chia Vegan Kitchen makes everyone happy. The staff is really attentive and the dishes beautifully served and decorated with pretty flowers. The atmosphere is also very welcoming: wooden floor and tables, colorful walls with exotic paintings.

The menu is full of options, from the quinoa salad to the vegetarian burger, pizza, pasta, soups and organic Peruvian coffee. All the ingredients are carefully selected, that explain the price slightly high for a Cuzco restaurant. Cooking classes are also available.

Green Point – Vegan Food

Green Point is an environment friendly restaurants for vegetarians and vegans that care about the health of our planets.

Plastic, aluminum as well as toxins and chemicals are rigorously banned and all the sources and toppings are homemade.

The menu offers a variety of international dishes like lasagne, Pad Thai and traditional Peruvian food like Tacu Tacu, causa with mushroom in a beer sauce and quinoa based salads and burgers.

You can also attend the Green Point’s cooking classes or visit the shops of high quality vegan products.

Govinda Lila

Govida Lila is a tiny and budget-friendly local restaurant in San Blas market of Cusco, owned by the friendly Mrs. Lila. The atmosphere is something special, rich of Peruvian culture in every detail. Everything in the restaurants is clean and hygienic, from the cooking area, to the tables.

The food offering is different every day and the ingredients are always healthy and fresh. A full menu includes a vegetarian main and a soup for only 6 soles. Available also gluten free, dairy free options and tasty desserts, like the chocolate and banana cake.