Is Slovenia cheap?

Although prices are increasing, with imported items costing as much as they do in the rest of Europe, Slovenia is cheaper by as much as a third than Italy and Austria.

Travelling in greater style and comfort – restaurant splurges with bottles of wine, a fairly active nightlife, small hotels/guesthouses with ‘character’ – will cost about twice as much in the capital but an average of €75 to €80 in the provinces.

Those putting up at hostels or college dormitories, eating burek (meat- or cheese-filled pastries) for lunch and at self-service restaurants for dinner could squeeze by on €30 a day.

Hotel and Guesthouse prices in Slovenia

If you stay in private rooms or guesthouses, eat at medium-priced restaurants and travel 2nd class on the train or by bus, you should get by on under €50 a day.

Is Slovenia cheaper than Croatia?

Travel in Croatia has always been more expensive than travel in Slovenia, but the difference has got smaller in the last couple of years. 

Is Slovenia cheaper than Hungary?

For tourists Slovenia costs at least 33% more than Hungary. Slovenia is indeed more expensive than most countries in Eastern Europe.