How to get around in Cuba

It’s really easy to get around in Cuba. The buses are a reliable and good-value service that connect all the most important cities. You can also decide to hire a car, use a private taxi service or a collectivo (shared taxi service).

Cuba Buses

The Modern and air-conditioned buses of Viazul run between all cities in Cuba and are usually on time. Moreover, the bus price is really convenient. The journey from Havana to Varadero, for instance, cost 10 CUC. Prices and routes are listed under Address and bus station in Havana: Ave 16/Zoologico/ Tel. 07 8 811108

Car Hire Cuba

No international car rental firms are active on Cuba. If you want to book at good rates, talk to a specialized operator. For 5 days expect to pay 56 CUC/day. On the island insurance of at least 15 CUC/day is added. Divers have to show a national licence, and their credit card will be swiped for 200 CUC or more as security.

When you receive the car, check whether the spare wheel fits (if not, you might be asked to cough up at a later date for one tat fits). There might be some small print in the contract requiring you to do an inspection every 10,000 KM. Make sure that the next due inspection is marked tin the contract. Should you reach the relevant number of kilometres, head for the near est hire station to change the car. If you don’t do this, you might have to pay a fine. The same applies for any oil changes that might be due.

In the holiday centre – like in Varadero – you can easily hire scooters (12 UC for 2 hours).

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