How to Get Around in Los Angeles?

From L.A. Airports

Reliable transportation serving all Los Angeles area airports. Sedans, private vans, and luxury cars are all available, but the best choice for the money is a shared van.

Prices depend on where you’re headed. A shared van that makes drop-offs at any location, provided others are traveling to the same neighborhood,
is around $15 per person; whereas a shared sedan for up to three people going to mid city runs around $57.

Metro Transportation Authority Buses

Even though public buses can be crowded and slow, they’re a good option if you don’t have your own set of wheels, and they run on schedule. Exact change only; tickets also available at Ralphs and Pavilions supermarkets.

You can purchase day passes from the bus driver. All buses are equipped for bicycles. It is recommended to check the website for routes and schedules.

The prices for the bus in Los Angeles are: $1.25/ride, $3 for a day pass.

City of Los Angeles Taxi Services

Because L.A. is so spread out, taxis aren’t always easy to find, except in prime travel areas like the airport, Downtown, and some of the more popular bar/restaurant neighbourhoods, such as the Sunset Strip.

Don’t get in a cab unless the City of Los Angeles Dept. of Transportation seal is visible on the exterior. These are indeed the only cabs regulated by the city, and anything else is risky. Yellow Cab (310/808-1000) is a safe choice.

Major credit cards accepted for rides over $10. Initial fare $2.20, each additional mile $2.20; flat fare for travel between LAX and Downtown $38.