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Travelling abroad is always an adventure, that’s why we love traveling, and that’s why we launched this blog: to share our experiences with you 🙂

If you are a vegan food lover like us, you really want to find the best spots to eat traditional and genuine dishes, and with a bit of planning you can fully enjoy the local cuisine without any hassle.

The food is indeed a really important way to experience the country culture. You can be a foodie traveler and a vegan because the world is full of amazing restaurants, street food markets and groceries where you can enjoy a nice plant based local meal.

Apart from vegan food advices, Travel Tofu also offers a list of FAQs for the top world destinations: from Europe to South America, from Asia to Africa, from Australia to Nord America.

We offer the most updated information for your travel. Discover our tips and hacks for a stress-free holiday and…

…start exploring the world!

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